UK TV presenter insults Mariah Carey. Lambs start petition seeking an apology

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If in case you're not a Mariah Carey fan, you may not already know that Eamonn Holmes has been known to consistently discredit Mariah Carey of her achievements and impact as a superstar.

The British TV presenter, on several occasions has not only shaded Carey, but also rubbished her commercial and critical accomplishments, calling her 'The Queen of Hype.'

It's hard to understand what has led Holmes to, so strongly criticize Carey and remain consistent about his distaste for the diva - but some say it all started with an interview encounter in the late 90's when Carey requested to be interviewed while lying down due to being tired.

There have been instances when Holmes has even went on to Twitter to dismiss her streak of #1's, calling her fans 'stupid' and 'deluded' - with his latest diss coming over some unflattering shots of the singer.

Check out this fan-made compilation featuring several such instances of Holmes going all out on Carey:

Mimi's fans who have finally had enough of him now have started an online petition, seeking a formal apology from the presenter and also expecting ITV and the producer's of his show, 'This Morning' to look into the matter.

Here is what the petition at reads:

Mr Eamon Holmes has dismissed Mariah Carey's achievements on 'This Morning' and says this is rubbish, he seems to hate Mariah's achievements and does not believe she has sold as many records as reported or has achieved more number 1's than Elvis, claims nobody owns her music apart from the Christmas song she wrote and produced. On twitter he upset Fans by saying Mariah is rude, she treats people badley and then when he was questioned on twitter he got very angry and called fans using words such as deluded, stupid, weird and Arse. Mariah Carey's fans think an apology for discrediting her career on national television and for the personal attacks on fans who tried to prove him wrong should be issued by Mr Holmes himself on 'This Morning' show . We would expect ITV and the producers of 'This Morning' to look into this and see how they think their host has behaved and whether an apology is appropriate. Thank you.

Mimi's fans surely know to put together their forces - but was it really necessary?

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