"I was molested as a child": Mike Tyson reveals being sexually abused as a kid

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Mike Tyson opened up about being sexual abused as a kid during his recent interview with ESPN's Jeremy Schapp.

Th 51 year old former professional boxer, revealed few details about the actual incident what exactly happened, but stated that it turned him into the man he is today, “…it made me have to be tough for the world I lived in.”

Tyson was a 7 year old kid when an older man, dragged him off the street to an isolated building where he sexually assaulted him.

“Well I don’t like to talk about that, I like to keep that where it was in the past, but I was molested as a child,” Tyson told Schapp.

Although, Tyson refrained from going into much details about what exactly happened, he has clarified that he isn't embarrassed or ashamed about the incident or that it doesn't make him any less of a man.

When Jeremy tried to understand, why Tyson kept his silence for so many of years and never spoke of the issue, he stated, “It was no one’s business to know, people just don’t talk about it because to some people they believe it’s demasculating them."

Mike had first spoken up about his abuse back in 2014, during an interview with SiriusXM's Opie Radio show, stating how the stranger "bullied" and "sexually abused" him.

Watch an excerpt of his interview with Schapp below:


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