Usher faces $10 million lawsuit for infecting another woman with herpes

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The "herpes-scandal" is not ending anytime soon for Usher.

Only few days after his 2012 documents relating to consequences of a sexual encounter in the past, surfaced online, the singer is facing another lawsuit worth $10 million for infecting another woman with the same virus.

The suit is filed by a woman named Jane Doe, who claims she had a sexual intercourse with the "Caught Up" singer, back in April. 

The suit does not involve any allegation of the woman actually being infected with the virus, but only cites the news pertaining to his 2012 case as a breach of trust, based on which a whopping $10 million is being claimed for "exposing her to the disease."

Doe alleges, had that the singer did not inform him about his infection and she may not have had sex with him, had she been told. Usher faces the lawsuit on account of "Negligence, Battery and emotional distress."

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Usher has been married with Grace Miguel since 2015. If this turns out to be true, it would also mean Usher was sleeping behind her back with the said woman.

The damage has already begun, would Usher speak out?

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