Usher Herpes Scandal: Three more women to come forward. Lawsuit increases to $40 million

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Usher has landed himself into a hot mess, it seems.

It all started off with Radar Online disclosing some old legal documents pertaining to an out-of-court settlement done by the singer, in which he payed a sum of $1.1 million to a woman in damages for infecting her with the Herpes virus, following an unprotected sexual encounter.

Soon after the "disclosure", another woman came forward with claims of being exposed to the virus - after a sexual encounter that took place this year in April. The said woman, who goes by the name Jane Doe, had not gone through the test results at that point, and the lawsuit was merely based on her 'exposure' to the virus. Doe, as it turns out, has now been tested positive for the virus - and has increased her lawsuit amount to a staggering $40 million - $20 million of which is for 'emotional distress' and $20 million for punitive damages.

What makes it even more messy is that Usher was actually married to Grace Miguel during that time - so if this turns out to be true, it would also mean Usher was sleeping behind her back with the said woman.

But the story does not end there.

According to Lisa Bloom, the attorney who handled Blac Chyna's matters, has revealed that three more women may come forward with similar claims, which might put further criminal charges on the 38 year old singer.

Having unprotected sex, without disclosing your STD's to your partner, is a criminal offense in many states across the United States.

This could mean Usher could be in major trouble a la Bill Cosby.


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