Usher infected woman with Herpes during sexual encounter. Paid $1 million in "settlement"

Usher's name is being dragged out in public for some 5 year old court documents, citing the consequences of a sexual encounter back then.

The said documents have been exposed by Radar Online, which claim the singer infected a stylist with the herpes virus following an unprotected sexual encounter back in 2009.

The legal papers dated 2012, further allege that the singer made an out-of-court settlement with the stylist, after paying her a sum of over $1 million in compensations.

The "Caught Up" singer allegedly had unprotected sex without telling the woman about it, and insisted that he's been tested negative for STD's, despite venting a "greenish discharge." (Eww)

The woman later experienced vaginal sores and high fever and was diagnosed with Herpes, the court docs claim.

Usher, who was very apologetic about the situation paid for several of the medical bills and also compensated the woman with $1.1 million.

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Wonder if Usher would make a public statement in this regard (not that he's entitled to).


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