Bobbi Kristina Biopic: Watch first trailer of Whitney Houston's late daughter's biopic

TVOne has finally revealed the very first trailer of their biopic on Bobbi Kristina Brown - the late daughter of Pop legend, Whitney Houston.

The unofficial biopic on Brown will attempt to take a look at the intimate details of the 22 year old's tumultuous life and a story mounting up to her tragic death at a young age.

The emotionally compelling first look of the movie does indicate that the makers have made a decent attempt at recreating the appearances of all lead characters as realistically as possible. The costumes, hairstyles and some of the dresses - are recognizable from various public events in which Houston was spotted alongside her daughter.

Joy Rovaris is portraying the central character of Bobbi Kristina, while Nadji Jeter will be playing her former boyfriend Nick Gordon. The movie will attempt to portray Brown's struggle of being surrounded by the troubled lives of her parents and the impact of always staying in the spotlight. Demetria McKinney is seen playing the role of Whitney Houston.

Vivica A. Fox will be playing the role Houston's estate manager and sister-in-law - Pat Houston, while Hassam Johnson would portray her ex-husband, RnB star - Bobby Brown.

Watch the emotionally-charged first trailer of the movie below:

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face-down at her bathtub in July 2015 causing severe damage to her brain - after which she had to be put in a medically-induced coma and died in hospice care after nearly 6 months, at the tender age of 22. The strange circumstances of her death raised a lot of questions among people, as speculations circulated around foulplay being involved.

The biggest suspicion was put on her boyfriend Nick Gordan, who was the first one to find her in the bathtub before he called for help. Bobbi's estate also filed a criminal lawsuit of $36 million on Gordan, however he's not been criminally charged for the instance, he was held 'legally liable' for it for failing to attend the court proceedings.

Bobbi Kristina is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, Oct 8 at 7 PM ET on TV One.


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