Watch the emotional moment when Hurricane Harvey survivor finds out his dad is alive

CNN recently reported on an emotional moment when a Hurricane Harvey survivor found out that his dad actually made it through the storm.

Aaron Mitchell, a resident of Aransas Pass, Texas was in an emotionally stunned placed as he tried to communicate with his family through CNN. "There's been no cell service since Thursday, Friday. Haven't gotten ahold of anybody. If my mom and dad is watching, I'm okay," he said fighting back tears.

Aaron couldn't tell where his dad was post the massive storm and wasn't sure if he survived it. "My mom's in Oklahoma and my dad, there's no telling where my dad's at. I'm here in Rockport, waiting on you," he said.

"I just lost everything I worked for. Everything. The only thing I got are the clothes on my back" he told the reporter.

Later, the CNN crew helped Mitchell trace back his father with the help of their satellite phone and captured the emotional moment when he found out that his dad was OK.

Aaron immediately started weeping after hearing his father's voice and told him he'd reach for him. "Dad I love you," he said covering his face.

Watch the highly emotional moment below:

It is expected that approximately 45,000 will be in need of disaster assistance while some 30,000 people will be in a need of shelter.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
If you want to provide help to the victims affected by the natural travesty, you can find the list of organizations that are working in the affected areas here. (Courtesy of CNN)

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