Demi Lovato to perform 'Star Spangled Banner' at UFC fight between Conor and Floyd

Wikimedia Commons
Demi Lovato better prepare her chops to slay, for she's about to take up one of the hardest songs to sing - the US National Anthem.

Lovato has agreed to perform during the much-awaited upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Meaweather on August 26, as confirmed by showtime.

Lovato who happens to be a huge fan of UFC fights, will be displaying her astonishing belting abilities singing 'Star Spangled Banner' before the two fighters take on the ring.

Interestingly, Lovato has performed the anthem quite a number of times - most notable of which was during world series of MLB.

So if in case you weren't already interested in tuning in to check who triumphs between Conor and Floyd, here's another reason for you to watch.


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