Lil Kim connects with Notorious BIG's spirit through Hollywood medium. "She's my soulmate"

Lil Kim connected with her former lover Christopher Wallace AKA Notorious BIG through Hollywood medium, Tyler Henry.

Henry's controversial show features him connecting his guests to their deceased loved ones, in an attempt to bring messages from the other realm.

In a preview clip from the upcoming episode of the ET show, Tyler connected the rapper with her long-lost beau and legendary MC, whose life was tragically cut short during a shooting in 1997.

"The man that is popping in, the feeling is life gets cut too short or someone passes away before their time," Henry tells Kim. "And when he comes through, he acknowledges a reference to music. He is having me reference to a dedication, but in a musical sense."

As Henry kept repeating the word, 'Soulmate' while being connected to Biggie, a shocked Kim asked him, "Soulmate, you mean with me? My hands are sweating. That's crazy!"

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight later on Henry did confirm that Biggie's spirit indeed, "came through."

"It's like Biggie came through as, like, a former lover, no different than any former lover would. But he came through very strongly and acknowledging that he wanted her to know that they were soulmates and how much he loved her. And he acknowledged their relationship and how it kind their last interaction was. He discussed some of the dynamics behind that and gave her a lot of closure and healing because, she didn't obviously, because of the nature of his passing."

Check out the teaser from the episode below:

Lil' Kim also revealed her plans to release new music featuring the iconic late rapper. "It's all for a love for him," she said.


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