"I will bat the f*ck outta you. f**king racist": Actor Jason Mitchell detained after meltdown on a flight

Straight Outta Compton star Jason Mitchell had a major meltdown on a Delta fight - as seen through videos surfaced online.

The 30 year old actor got into a heated verbal exchange with a co-passenger alleging him of passing unnecessary comments.

Mitchell was flying standby through an economy seat after missing original flight on which he had a first class booking. The actor was speaking to someone over the phone telling about his situation, when another passenger sitting on first class allegedly made a comment which irked the New Orleans born actor.

"Am I talking to you? F**king racist!" - Jason approached and told the guy.

"I'll bat the f**k outta you! Unless you sitting next to children or anything else," he later said.

Delta staffer later had to announce that the actor would have to be disembarked from the flight so authorities could deal with him - which angered him again.

Mitchell eventually had to be detained by the police, although Delta refused to press any charges.

Watch part of the drama from the flight, as shared by TMZ:


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