Janet Jackson will display "an emotional journey through choreography" in new tour

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Janet Jackson's highly anticipated comeback world tour isn't like anything you've seen before, claims her creative director, Gil Duldulao.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the man who's playing a major role in bringing the all the creative ideas to fruition, said that Jackson has worked so hard to get her post-pregnancy body back on shape, that she almost looks skinny now.

Duldulao, told ET that him and Jackson are working 16 hours a day in the studio, taping their rehearsals and making notes from it, to make sure that everything from - the choreography to the staging, is as perfect as it can be.

"After all note taking, we run the show again," Duldulao says describing their routine-practice. "We're in this phase right now, I'll run it from top to bottom -- an hour-and-45-minute show maybe five times in a row. And we repeat that process until everything is perfect and everyone's clear. Then, I know some of the dancers go home, Janet as well, and they get on the treadmill after rehearsals at like 11 p.m. at night. So, it never stops!"

Jackson had to stop her 'Unbreakable' world tour last year, to plan for motherhood, following suggestions of her doctors. The Pop Queen later gave birth to her first child Eissa, with estranged husband Wissam Al Mana and started preps for her comeback a few months after taking out the time with her newborn.

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Speaking on her stunningly back-to-fit post-mommy body, Duldulao said, "I think we're going to have to have some seamstresses on hand to bring the costumes in more. She's losing weight every day. I'm telling her, 'Girl, you're skinny. Are you sure you don't want to wear this?'"

Duldulao insists this will not be the Unbreakable tour rehashed, but will feature Jackson like never-seen before. "Whether it be content, video, staging, different songs in the set list and playing with different sounds, certain sections with the musical director, costume changes," he said, speaking on everything they have attempted to renew for her come through. 

"The fans clearly will get a show. It's not going to be the Unbreakable show. No, they're going to get the State of the World Tour show," he told ET.

"You'll see a lot of her journey through concept and creative direction on how and what takes place in certain times of her life to get to this place now, and I think that's beautiful," Duldulao concludes.

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The hype generated with the tour already is enough to make it a massive seller.

You can read the complete interview on Etonline here.


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