Mariah Carey's concert tickets selling for as low as $10

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Mariah Carey's tour is a facing direct financial impact following the constant online criticism she received in the recent past.

As reported by The Kansas City Star, Mimi's joint concert with singer Lionel Richie, has dipped it's minimum ticket prices to as low as $9.95 - apart from applicable fees and charges.

The 47 year old songstress' Kansas city concert was initially planned to boast tickets within a range of $29.95 and $500, but the current prices have significantly gown down, ranging between $9.95 to $147.95.

Sources say that the ticket sales have dipped following the constant "bad-reviews" of her shows, which mostly started with her 'lip-sync' fiasco on Dick Clark's new year special, wherein the singer-songwriter faced a "technical glitch" with her pre-recorded performance - leaving her to just awkwardly walk around the stage until the end of the song, 

Despite some decent performances in between, Mariah hasn't been able to recover from the incident with several other instances of her clips from her ongoing concerts turning her into the subject of much criticism and ridicule. Carey's footage from one of her Las Vegas shows - which went viral for her showing zero interest in moving along with the dancers during a performance, was also widely talked about for all the wrong reasons.

Amidst all of this, Carey's former creative director, Anthony Burrell - who was fired after her New Year performance, recently called her performances "lackluster", stating that if she's not willing to do it, she really "doesn't give a fu*k."

Everything has now boiled down to low ticket-sales, directly impacting her much-anticipated north American tour with Richie. 

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