Mariah Carey shares the "secret drink" that helps her hit those high notes

Mariah Carey gave a few insights into what keeps her throat "warm" and "moist" in order for her to be able to produce that soaring soprano of her's.

The 'Fly Like A Bird' songstress recently joined Entertainment Tonight for a brief interview in which she cited drinking Champagne with a few drops of honey in it as a tool to hydrate her voice.

"Honey is super-important for the throat, the cords," Mimi said. "Well, you can put honey in champagne darling. Yes, it works. It really works."

Watch her give some "tipsy tips" to work those vocals chords out:

Mariah, has been regarded has one of the best vocalists of the 90's and though the 47 year old diva has had some bad public moments as far as her "live" performances are concerned, there's no denying the gift she once processed that brought her to the absolute top of her game.

Would you try Mariah's "honeywine" to help you hit those high notes?

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