"Watch Your Cholesterol, Mariah": Paparazzi fat-shames Mariah Carey on her face

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Mariah Carey recently faced the shameless harassment of the Paparazzi while dining out with her rumored boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka.

The 47 year old songstress, when leaving a restaurant encountered a large group of fans and admirers waiting for her to sign a few autographs - among whom were a few celeb shutterbugs who pounced for a glance and a few money shots.

As the Diva made her way ahead while signing a few photographs for fans, one Pap from the crowd said the most disgusting and inappropriate thing to her.

Ridiculing her sudden weight gain, the unidentified man suddenly commented, "Mariah, watch your cholesterol" and then further added, "lots of steak."

The worst part about it was that Miss Carey heard it all and had a minor moment of grief on her face as she calmly and gracefully walked away from the scene.

Watch the moment captured on camera below:

It is sad how we take our artists and celebs for granted, as if they can't fall, hurt of feel like the rest of us.

Poor Mariah. We feel for her.

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