Migos' Quavo says he wants to write a new National anthem that is 'current and inclusive'

Rap group Migos' one-third, Quavo recently shared his willingness to re-write Star Spangled banner, to make it more 'current' and 'all inclusive.'

The rapper expressed his intention while speaking to TMZ, following a discussion sparked off a month ago when an interesting petition was created on Change.org, urging him to re-write the American national anthem.

Thousands have since gotten on-board, singing the petition to hear a hip-hop infused version of the anthem by the rapper.

Speaking to TMZ, on whether he feels an obligation to do it now, Quavo said, “There’s a lot going behind the national anthem. I would love to do it, but I wanna do a 2017 national anthem for both people and all races." He further added, "Something that’s representing now. Something that representing the modern day national anthem.”

Interesting. But quite ironical considering the group's not-so-inclusive attitude towards the LGBT community.

Nevertheless, the petition on Change.org has so far been signed on by 7,700 signatures and aims for the target of 10,000.

"It's the current year, 2017, and I think the nation should get with the times and feature Quavo on the National Anthem. He's a feature on everything else, so why not," the petition created by Sean Gray reads.

Watch him speak on the possibilities of a rehashed version of the anthem below:


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