Rare letter Prince wrote to Madonna for her musical advice, up for auction

Wikimedia Commons
Recently Madonna's intimate letter's relating to her relationship with TuPac were unearthed by an auction website, which the Pop Queen had to personally put a stop on through a legal course of action.

Now, the latest in-line of rare and never-seen-before celebrity letters is Prince's long note to Madge, where the late star is proactively seen seeking 'musical or otherwise' advice from the 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker.

The rare letter, which has been put up on an auction site for an amount of $1,500 - dates back to the late 80's, when Prince was in the process of filming his 1990 Rock musical drama, 'Graffiti Bridge.'

Prince, initially wanted Madonna to play the character of Ruthie and is seen expressing his desire to work with her in his highly ambitious project.

Read excerpts of the letter addressed with 'Dear Madonna':

“This is a story of people learning 2 trust one another as well as their own instincts. I wanted u 2 play Ruthie because u could give her the inner-strength and the outer-bite she needs 2 make her character. I have 2 tell u, musically this is maybe my best work and I would love 2 work together with u on some more songs.

I have 35 pages, I figure I need 25 more, perhaps to start the story. I left this open 4 your input. Whether we work together or not…any advice—musical or otherwise u can lend 2 Ruthie’s character or 2 Grafitti [sic] Bridge as a whole—would be greatly appreciated. Give my best 2 Sean & thank u so much 4 your time. Love God. P.” 

'Graffiti Bridge' is the same movie Madonna rejected the script of, publicly terming it a 'piece of sh*t' and telling Prince that he was stupid.


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