Usher slammed with more Herpes allegations - now also from a Man..!

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The 'Herpes trouble' isn't going to end anytime soon and is apparently headed the "Bill Cosby way" as it appears.

After a number women came forward with claims that the singer had unprotected sexual encounters with them, leading them to be infected with the Herpes virus - the total amount of money being claimed through lawsuits skyrocketed to a whopping $40 million.

Having unprotected sex, without disclosing your STD's to your partner, is a criminal offense in many states across the United States, but the allegations also go on to imply that the singer was having several affairs while being married to his current wife, Grace Miguel.

Now, in the constantly-increasing number of allegations, the latest to come forward are two women and a man who are ready to file a lawsuit against the singer for having unprotected sexual encounters and exposing them to the disease.

The three anonymous individuals will be filing a lawsuit through attorney Lisa Bloom, who alleges that the 'Caught Up' singer failed to warn them about the STD before being sexually involved with them.

Do you believe all these claims suddenly coming out of the blue?

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