Watch: New "It" trailer is so scary it will give you nightmares for days

Stephen King's 'It' is considered an all-time Horror classic by many.

Although, the loyal and devoted fans to the original flick that commenced a true fear of clowns among its viewers still stick to believe that nothing beats the original, the new remake directed by AndrĂ©s Muschietti might actually take it several steps further.

If the new trailer for the creeptastic horror flick is anything to go by - 'It' is the ultimate scare-fest of 2017 that will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.

The visuals are more realistic, the acting looks great, the CGI seems on point ...and that damn clown is bigger and scarier.

Watch the super-creepy trailer to the upcoming flick below:

"It" is produced by New Line Cinema and is stated for release on September 8 in the United States.

Will you be watching?

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