Watch: Demetria McKinney plays Whitney Houston in clip from the upcoming Bobbi Kristina biopic

The real deal: Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina seen performing on Good Morning America in 2009 (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
A new behind the scenes footage of the upcoming Bobbi Kristina biopic was released online a few days ago.

The made-for-television unofficial biopic, will take a look at the life of the Pop legend, Whitney Houston's late daughter and will be screened on TV One, who announced the project back in April as an "intimate look at the highs and lows of parental, familial and romantic love complicated by fame through the eyes of a sensitive, vulnerable young woman."

The interesting behind-the-scenes clip released by TVOne features actress Demetria McKinney, attempting to recreate Houston's image, as she performs an amateur version of the Broadway classic, 'Home' - a tune that introduced the late legend to American television back in 1983.

In the short clip, McKinney, is seen singing the song to Joy Rovaris, who plays the title role of Bobbi Krisitna - as she sits on top of a piano.

Watch the clip below:

TV One representatives had previously spoken on the documentary, stating, "Bobbi Kristina’s high-profile life- and untimely death - may have been shrouded in mystery, but this film will reveal her humor, quirks, deepest fears and longings. The film explores her fight to be seen, heard, loved and to survive."

Based on the clip above, do you like McKinney's version of Whitney Houston?

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