Lady Gaga tweets asking "Black Community" for suggestions to help fight racism

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Lady Gaga is proactively speaking on the racial tensions across the United States, following the Charlottesville riots this past week.

The 'Born This Way' singer who previously, called out US president Trump in a tweet criticizing his silence on the issue, has now gone ahead and asked the black community for a discussion on how racism cab be combated.

The Grammy winning pop star, addressed the black community, asking how white people can help make the situation better.

"For the Black Community, tell us ways the non-racist white community who loves u can do better to help influence the country?" - Gaga posted online on Tuesday.

Her Tweet has received mixed response from people, many of whom asked her to find other ways of getting educated on the subject instead of asking black people directly.

"Would you ask rape victims to educate their attackers?" - one Twitter user replied.

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