Woman screams and punches herself shortly after watching Annabelle 2

Representational Image (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
In a shocking video shared online, a Brazilian woman is seen uncontrollably screaming, lying on the floor of a mall, as her friends try to calm her down.

The 20 year old woman was watching Annabelle: Creation with her friends, when something about the movie sent her in a frenzy, after she saw a scene featuring the devil appear on screen. The woman quickly ventured out of the theater and was in such hysteric that she started punching herself on the face and screamed her lungs out as if she had seen or encountered something supernatural.

The woman fell flat on the ground, screamed, coughed and punched herself - while her friends tried to calm her down.

Watch the shocking moment unfold below:

An eyewitness from the scene said, "When the film ended, we went to pay the car park and she started hitting herself with punches to her own head, and threw herself on the floor."

A staffer from the theater in question said, “We haven’t managed to find out what happened to her and the reason behind her strange behavior."

Annabelle 2 - is being hailed as the scariest from the all the 'Conjuring-world' movies that have come out so far and is getting rave reviews from horror-movie critics.

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