Cardi B says New York cop choked and slammed her against her car

Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons
In a bombshell allegation, Cardi B has claimed a New York cop not only choked her, but also slammed her against her car.

According to sources close to the rapper, the incident said to have taken place on Tuesday at around 6 PM near the Columbus Circle in NY - where the 'Bodack Yellow' hitmaker was seen riding her new Bentley SUV.

Cardi's car was reportedly hit by another driver, after which the rapper - who was sitting in the back seat along with her cousin, stepped outside and got involved in an argument with the driver of the other car.

Soon after that, an NYPD cop stepped-in to and held the rapper by her neck and pushed her against her car, releasing her only when things calmed down a bit.

Cardi, who was too shook at that point, didn't instantly react on the spot, but later vented out her frustration in a Tweet.

"I can't believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now shit is crazy these NY cops don't know how to do they job F**K 12"

The tweet was later deleted by the rapper.

Its unclear whether Cardi B would be taking legal action against the cop as of now.


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