Prince's shoes, crop top, handwritten lyrics, go up for auction

Wikimedia Commons
Several items from Prince's memorabilia have been put to an auction which also includes his handwritten notes for his 1984 movie, 'Purple Rain.'

The 9 page document details how the singer-songwriter made several additions to the original screenplay and played with the lyrics to a number of tunes from the soundtrack.

The document is only one of the 200 plus items belonging to Prince, which are now being put on sale by RR auctions.

The auctioning agency believes the notes alone would fetch nearly $12K for them.

Here are some of the other items listed for bidding on the auction (Source: TMZ):

* Yellow boots he wore onstage from '86-'92 - $12k 
* "The Ladder" handwritten lyrics - $8k 
* "Camille" Advance Pressing - $4k 
* Lace crop top - $3k 
* Prince's 1980 Rick James tour all access pass - $800
* His Parade Tour tambourine - $1.5k 

Last month, Prince's late 80's written letter to Pop Queen Madonna also went up for an auction - in which the late star seeked 'musical and creative' advice from the songstress on his upcoming movie.

The latest bidding from RR auctions is scheduled to conclude on September 27th.


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