"It's about time": Naomi Campbell praises Rihanna's Fenty Beauty for all-inclusive shades

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Rihanna's new line of cosmetics is receiving all the widespread love the singer could've hoped for.

Fenty Beauty - launched earlier this month is being lauded for its vast and all-inclusive shades of foundations and other make-up items that will serve all colors of beauty.

Chiming-in with the praise, supermodel Naomi Campbell also recently spoke on the singer's lineup of beauty products, stating that it was about time for something like this to come up.

Speaking to Harpar's Bazaar UK, Campbell said:

"It’s about time. It’s 2017, so for all those who are doing it, congratulations. The world is moving so quickly, and you’ve got to move with it."

Recollecting her time at the peak of her career, Campbell spoke on how difficult it was for her to find the ride shade for her skin-tone and how she'd usually mix-the color up to make something out of it.

“In the beginning it was hard, but I’ve got thicker skin than that. Yes, I overheard certain conversations about me, but I’m not going to make excuses. If they didn’t have my make-up shade, then we’d find a way, we’d mix the colour. You’ve got to work hard no matter what. I kept my head down and got it done.”

Naomi also had an advice for younger models, who face similar problems with finding the right shades for themselves, suggesting them to bring their own foundation to work:

“These young models come up to me with the same problems and I do get sad about it but I just share whatever information I can to steer them in the right direction. I remember when I was younger going into London and only being able to go into two counters to buy make-up of colour. So I tell new models, ‘You have to find a way, and if that means you have to bring your own foundation shade, then bring your own, because that’s what I had to do’.”

At a recent product launch earlier this week, Rihanna spoke on the dearth of various shades on other cosmetic brands. "There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be something in-between"', she said.

Clearly, everyone was so ready for it as Fenty Beauty's deeper range of foundation shades are nearly sold-out already.

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