Mariah Carey to return to television with new VH1 docuseries. Also readying Butterfly World Tour

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Mariah Carey is constantly on the 'GO'.

The singer-songwriter just finished a joint tour with Lionel Richie, earlier this month and is already said to be in talks to commence a new major world tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her multi-platinum selling 1997-released album, 'Butterfly.'

According to a story published on Page Six, the 47 year old songstress will embark on 'Butterfly World Tour' next year which will also be teamed-up with a television series documenting everything behind the curtains. 

The series, said to air on Vh1, will chronicle her life backstage and will be a return of the singer on Television since E!'s "Mariah's World" - which concluded in January this year and showcased her life around her 'Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour.'

Spilling more on the alleged project, the source also told Page Six that her E! show will not be returning for another season, as was initially planned and how the new series will be different from the same. "It will be similar to U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ tour. VH1 is set to film a docuseries that will capture the behind-the-scenes of her tour," Page Six reported.

Although, Mariah's recent performances have been a subject of much criticism alleging her of being out-of-form, the pop diva has consistently been touring throughout 2017 despite the backlash faced online.

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