New doc on Tupac will try to find who fired the shots at him

A new TV special entitled, 'Snapped: Notorious', on late rap legend Tupac Shakur, will attempt to dig into his untimely death back in 1996.

The 2 hour in-depth analysis of what really happened at the time of his death will attempt to focus on all the people who last met or saw the legendary MC and the first trailer of the doc also suggests that Shakur happened to know his killer.

The focus will be drawn on several people close to Shakur at that time including Danny Boy and Yo-Yo, Pac's manager Leila Steinberg, DJ Mister Cee, journalist Toure and several others.

Watch the trailer for 'Snapped: Notorious' - Tupac Shakur:

Tupac was fatally shot in Las Vegas in 1996. The upcoming documentary will air on Oxygen on September 10.


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