Taylor Swift gets booed by fans for hiding from them at friend's wedding

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Taylor Swift apparently disappointed a bunch of her stans when she refused to show herself while at her friend's wedding.

The pop star decided to make an exit from the church where her friend Abigail Anderson's wedding took place, while completely hiding herself out from the sights of her fans.

In a video shared by TMZ, the singer-songwriter is seen making an exit as her Bodyguards and entourage members cover her entire path from the exit gate of the church up until her SUV waiting outside on the porch.

Swift's fans who were waiting out in the rain to get a glimpse of the star, were so disappointed they started chanting 'boos' while screaming 'Very disappointing' and 'Not cool' at her.

Watch the very moment when her staff literally shields her from the eyes of her fans:

Is it fair for Swifties to express such harsh disappointment when she's actually there attending a private affair?

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