Former racist removes all Neo-Nazi tattoos after friendship with African-American officer

Screengrab from video shared by ABC news
Michael Kent - was a self proclaimed "Neo-Nazi" who had two Swastika tattoos on his body and refused to work for and with anyone who wasn't white.

After the Colorado, native spend nearly 20 years, filled with hatred, in a violent white-supremacist group from Arizona, his life and thought-process underwent an inspiring transformation, after he was assigned to a black parole officer called Tiffany Whittier -- whose positive outlook and humble approach bent his "white supremacy" and influenced him to have the two Swastika signs removed from his body.

Whittier, also urged Kent to remove the Neo Nazi flags from his property and replace them with positive images - something that would make him smile every morning.

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Changing his older norms and habits, Kent now works as the only white person, on a chicken farm and considers Whittier more than just his parole officer.

"She's much more than that [my parole officer],” Mr Kent told ABC News. "I would think of her more like family."

As ABC captured the moment the two of them met after a gap of nearly a year, following Kent's transformation, he was visibly moved and choked up, speaking on his "unlikely friendship" with Whittier.

"If you got a strong support system and you have peopel that believe in you in a positive way, you can change."

Grab a box of tissues and watch the moving and inspirational story below:

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