X Factor's James Arthur says Rita Ora turned him into a sex addict

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Former X Factor winner James Arthur has revealed details on his struggles with sex addiction after a "fling" with pop sensation Rita Ora.

The 29 year old performer, who had previously opened up about his mental health issues, revealing episodes of anxiety attacks and breathing problems, has now spoken on how his sexual habits took a toll on his well-being.

Speaking to Sun on Sunday, Arthur said "I was so puzzled that someone like Rita was actually interested in me. I told myself this couldn't be real. Rita's made a mistake. She must think I'm someone cool. This is so confusing."

The singer claims, Ora would often take up back on her tour bus, which started a fling between the two.

"Me and Rita met up a few more times after that and had some more amazing nights," Arthur revealed. "'I'm in love with you', she told me one night. She said it so sincerely I wanted to believe her, though it seemed insane."

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According to Arthur, things suddenly went left when Rita "went cold" on him and started posting pictures with other men.

Arthur says, it was then he started chatting with hundreds of women online, and slept with so many of them, that he lost count after a while.

"They were usually the same type," he recalled "Babestation girls or glamour models. If I saw someone I fancied I'd contact her on social media and tell her blatantly I wanted to have sex."

The singer also revealed how his habits turned even more wild, after he became hooked to gambling and smoking weed bringing him to the stage of self-loathing and depression.

"It's taken three years to feel more comfortable in my own skin and ready and able to explain the demons inside my head and how I've learned to cope," he said.

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