Kourtney and Kim Kardashian pull Michael Jackson and Madonna look for Halloween

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian upped their 'Halloween game' this year with a near-perfect reenactment of Michael Jackson and Madonna's appearance from the 1991 Academy awards.

The Kardashian sisters were spotted apparently headed for a Halloween bash in Los Angeles, where the two later flaunted their look for the cameras and JEEZ..!!  - Kourtney was really giving us that MJ vibe!!

Check out pictures/videos of the two pulling off 'that look':

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Earlier on Saturday, the reality TV star, shared a video consisting of photographs from MJ and Madonna's look from the 63rd Academy Awards, with Madonna's 'Material Girl' playing in the background.

Here are some additional shots of the two 'getting ready' for their appearance:

One of the reasons why the look is considered iconic - besides Madonna and MJ being two of Pop music's greatest stars - is because the two were also said to have been dating around that time. Their appearance on the event, some 26 years ago, was a head-turner of sorts.

So do you think, they pulled it off or nah?

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