Mariah Carey learned about Vegas shooting in the middle of a LIVE interview

Mariah Carey was stunned on Live television when she was informed about the Las Vegas mass shooting during her interview on Good Morning Britain.

The 47 year old singer-songwriter, appeared on a live stream from her home to promote her upcoming Christmas projects - which is when the news of the Vegas shooting surfaced across media outlets.

The pop diva was lost on words to comprehend her thoughts, as the show's co-host Piers Morgan intimated her of the tragedy and asked her to share her thoughts.

Watch the segment below:

Several people online have criticized Morgan and the show, stating it was 'unprofessional' of them to have broken the story to her on Live Television in that manner, further seeking an immediate response or reaction from her on the spot.

Las Vegas was faced with one of the most brutal mass shootings in modern U.S. history on Sunday night, when a 65 year old lone shooter, killed over 55 people with an automated weapon - reported to have injured over 500 people during an ongoing music festival.


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