Music mogul Clive Davis speaks on Whitney Houston's sexuality and past relationships

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Clive Davis is at full swing to promote his upcoming documentary, 'The Soundtrack Of Our Lives' chronicling the music legend's life and his association with some of the biggest acts over the course of time.

One artist who's been front and center, and the greatest highlight of his career as a music producer, is the late Whitney Houston - who has naturally been covered in a significant portion of the documentary.

Davis sat own for an interview with Vanity Fair and touched on the subject of Houston, discussing how her extraordinary gift made her one of the biggest stars in the world, starting from her first appearance on American Television with the Merv Griffin Show, back in 1983.

Clive was also quizzed on the recent unauthorized documentary on Whitney Houston by controversial filmmaker Nick Broomfield, which stressed on her relationship with close friend and former manager, Robyn Crawford and widely speculated over her sexual spectrum.

However, Davis denied knowing anything about the intimate details between Houston and Crawford's alleged relationship, he did throw some light on the singer's failed affairs with Jermaine Jackson and Eddie Murphy.

"I have no idea what Whitney’s relationship was with Robyn Crawford," Davis said. "I do know during those years she had a relationship with Jermaine Jackson that was painful for both of them, because he was married at the time. She had a relationship with Eddie Murphy and with other people. I don’t know beyond that—that’s what I was exposed to."

Whitney Houston performing at her 1991 HBO televised concert, 'Welcome Home Heroes' (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Broomfield's documentary also alleged that Houston had a 'street persona' which was molded and polished by Davis and his team, to make it more appealing to the mainstream - a claim which the music producer recently denied. 

"Recently, there have been articles that Whitney was street from the beginning, and she really came from the ‘hood," he recollected. "All I know is when I met her, she was already a fashion model. I never, ever spoke to her about what she should wear, what her hair should look like. She knew that, as a model would know that, from the day that I met her."

Davis also recollected what was going across his mind, in a moment from his own upcoming film, which features him sitting still while re-watching Houston's 1982 performance of 'Home'.

"It goes through my mind how lethal drugs are, how they took this wonderfully special young woman and led to her tragic, premature demise."

You can read other aspects of Clive's interview with Vanity Fair here.

'The Soundtrack of Our Lives' has been released in the United States on 27 September.


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