Watch: Julia Roberts reenacts her most popular movie roles with James Corden

Julia Roberts stopped by at James Corden's 'Late Late Show' to participate in the host's 'Role Recall' segment, reenacting some of her most iconic characters and movie scenes.

The Oscar winning actress put all her energy in the physically demanding skit, which required her to constantly go back and forth with various scenes, changing wigs, costumes and props.

Roberts took us back with some of her most loved performances from movies like 'Notting Hill', 'My Best Friend's Wedding', 'Stepmom' and 'Pretty Woman' - to name a few, as she threw her casual charm and tried to hold back her laughter in some of the scenes.

Going through movies like 'Steel Magnolias', 'Valentine's Day', 'America's Sweethearts' and even plugging in her upcoming flick, 'Wonder' - which is stated for a November release, the duo completed the skit by singing Dionne Warwick's #1 classic, 'I Say A Little Prayer For You.'

This might be the most fun thing you'll see today.

Watch it below:


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