Brandy has collaborated with Sam Smith on a new song. Calls herself "one of his biggest fans"

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After news of Kelly Clarkson's new collaboration with Sam Smith, the British hitmaker is reported to have recorded a duet with RnB vocalist, Brandy.

Smith, who's currently busy promoting his latest studio LP, 'The Thrill Of It All' - which peaked at #1 on Billboard Top 200 charts, has worked on a brand new collaboration with Brandy, as revealed by the 'Sittin' Up In My Room' singer herself.

As reported by Channel24, Brandy spoke on her collaborations with the Grammy winning singer (Yes! There are more than one!), and stated how it turned her into one of his biggest fans.

"[I don’t want to] put herself in a R&B box. I love hip-hop and jazz. It all makes sense to me and my reentry into the music industry."

"I worked with Sam Smith for the first time four years ago, and then again recently. And now I’m one of his biggest fans."

Speaking on working with artists who take inspiration from her as a vocalist, Brandy said, "It's so great to hear what they listen to and what they like."

Brandy hasn't released a studio album in more than 6 years and Sam Smith's album is already out and doesn't feature any cuts with Brandy.

Makes you wonder if the collab was shelved or would be featured on her eagerly-awaited next album.

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