Aretha Franklin dying? Diva comes out to put the rumors to rest

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This past week, several tabloid and fan-forums of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin started reporting stories of her severe health condition, stating how she's almost at the verge of dying.

The 75 year old music legend, who's previously been the subject of similar speculations revolving around her health condition and an alleged recurrence of cancer, was now being claimed to be in her deathbed - a rumor which quickly had to be put to rest by the diva herself.

Speaking to US Weekly, Franklin released a statement clearing that she was doing well, however she is on a certain medication that is making her lose weight. 

“I’m doing well generally, all test have come back good. I’ve lost a lot of weight due to side effects of medicine, it affects your weight … Thanxxxx for your concern,” Ree said.

Additionally, Franklin's friend and entertainment reporter - Shaun Robinson - also took to Twitter to lay down the rumors to rest.

“Good Morning, Everyone. I just spoke to one of Ms. Franklin’s family friends in my hometown of Detroit,” Robinson wrote in a Tweet.

“They spoke to Aretha moments ago and asked me to tell you please don’t believe this news that was trending. Have a good day.”

Well, we're glad she's doing alright. The world of music and shade wouldn't be the same without miss Franklin.

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