Viola Davis on Rihanna's Fenty Beauty: "I'm honored to be recognized in this beauty line"

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Rihanna's groundbreaking entry in the world of beauty and cosmetic products this year, was vastly praised for its diverse shades of foundations and blushes, there weren't quite available at such a broad spectrum before.

The singer's line of beauty products were declared sold only days after its glamorous adverts, featuring the 'Work' singer, circulated online.

The latest in line to shower words of praise on 'Fenty Beauty' is none other than the Oscar powerhouse, Viola Davis - who expresses her genuine gratitude for making her feel 'recognized' with the accuracy of its deep dark shades.

Speaking to Refinery29, Davis said, "The thing about Fenty, which I own, is that I can get a base makeup that is exactly my skin tone."

“I don’t feel like I have to get something five shades lighter, or mix two shades together in order to get my shade. And it feels like my natural skin,” she further said. “It’s full coverage, and I’m honored by the fact that I’m recognized in this beauty line. I thank Rihanna for that.”

Further speaking on how the beauty line has made it easier for women who hail from smaller cities and do not have access to a vast variety of cosmetic products, Davis said, “As opposed to going to a drugstore and another drugstore, especially if you’re somewhere in like, I don’t know, Montana where you can’t find anything for you."

“It makes you think then, Ok no one is thinking of me. It’s something that I struggled with a lot.”

Wow! We're sure Rihanna is going to be thrilled to hear words of praise from Miss Davis. Fenty Beauty has truly been a game-changer, after all.


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