Chinese daredevil falls to his death while performing stunt atop 62-storey building

How far can the adventure-seekers take their desires of facing the extremes, even if it is at the expense of risking their lives?

In an attempt to perhaps seek that moment of an 'adrenaline rush',  a Chinese "rooftop climber", mounted atop a 62 story building in Changsha - but tragedy struck, as he fell down to his death while performing his usual stunts.

Wang Yongning, who was known for several altitude-related extreme-stunts - like base-jumping from high-rise structures, walking on the side of rooftops, hanging out from balconies of skyscrapers and performing push-ups on edges of towers - wasn't at the best of his luck earlier last month, when he climbed atop the city's Huayuan Hua Center, to perform his usual tricks.

The daredevil took a tumble from the roof of a 62-storey skyscraper on November 8. His body was discovered a day later, however his online fans and followers did not come to know of his demise until at least after a month - when they noticed steady inactivity on his Weibo account.

Watch this video of some his previous stunts to ascertain the extent of his risk-filled adventures:

Speaking to a Chinese daily, Yongning's uncle stated he was performing the stunt on Hua center for a prize money of $15,000 - which he needed for his future wedding and for the medical treatment of his sick mother.

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