Watch: 36 YO Dhoni outruns 24 YO Hardik Pandya in a race, proving he's still the boss!

MS Dhoni may be pushing 30's, but the legendary cricketer can still give youngsters a run for their money.

The former captain of team India, was recently seen practicing along with the rest of his team members, ahead of an upcoming ODI against Sri Lanka - and boy did he pounce around like a like his 20-something self.

During the same practice session, Hardik Pandya suggested the icon to go for a 100 meter race - a challenge which Dhoni did not just accept but also finished in his style.

It was quite a sight to see the 36 year old champ outrunning the 24 year old all-rounder - and it was enough for millions of his fans to once again go gaga over him.

Watch the mini-race between the duo below:

The career spans of athletes and sportsperson are usually a lot smaller than most other professions - due to the demanding physical nature that persistently requires you to have that youth-like energy.

Great to see Dhoni still continuing to kill it. Perpetually keeping fit is the key - and Mahi knows it very well.

BTW, props to Pandya for giving a tough competition to Dhoni.

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