From racial appropriation in music to butt-injections: Stephanie Mills spills realness on TV One

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R&B legend Stephanie Mills made an appearance on TV One's 'Sister Circle Live' and boy did she have stuff to talk about.

The celebrated singer and actress, poured her heart out on several subjects close to her, including her foundation which deals with the empowerment of the black community and the racial appropriation of black people in the music industry. 

"I have started a foundation - 'love your worth' for black families and brown families," Mills told the two hosts. "And I want women and children and our black community to know that we're beautiful. That we matter. You understand, that's important." 

The singer further continued, "You know it's like, c'mon. Stop killing us. You're killing us because we're beautiful. Don't hate us because we're beautiful."

When asked about her take on the 'state of music' today, Stephanie did not hold back as she gave the following response:

"I think they want R&B, but they don't want it from "us". They want it from Adele and Justin Timberlake and those people. They don't want it from us."

Further speaking on social appropriation in the industry, Stephanie said:

"They don't wanna show the respect and where it comes from. I don't understand black women that inject their bodies and want bigger behinds. I mean I'm trying to lose mine."

"We don't have to look like the Kardashians, the Kardashians are trying to look like us."

**at this very moment the congregation raised their fans and screamed HALLELUJAH**

Mills added: "The hardest thing for our artists to realize is that you're just 'a dollar' to most people"

"When you realize when you don't have a hit record or you're not on a hit show and you call somebody up thinking they're your friend and they don't return you call. And then these black people out there, need to know that when you're invited to people's home, you're just entertainment."

"You're never their friends. Let's be clear," the diva stated.

Too much realness for television? Doesn't look like Stephanie would care.

Watch part of the segment below:


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