Elton John reveals Eminem gifted him and his partner sex toys on their wedding

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Elton John has always brushed aside allegations of Eminem being labelled a 'homophobe.'

The 70 year old music legend, previously appeared for a surprise live performance with Em back in 2001, to prove that he isn't really a gay-basher, as people make out of him - due to the vastly homophobic content in his own songs.

The British singing icon recently appeared on The Graham Norton show, where he spoke on the subject again.

"He was accused of being homophobic by so many people because of his lyrics, which I thought was nonsense," John said. "I came out and supported the fact that he isn't and I appeared on the Grammys with him, doing 'Stan.'"

To prove his point further, John revealed the unconventional gift the rapper presented to him and his partner on their wedding back in 2005.

"We had two diamond entrusted c**k rings, on velvet cushions," John told Norton, "and I have to say, they have remained unused."

"It shows how homophobic he isn't," John concluded.


Watch him make the revelation on the show below:


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