The Top 10 best songs of Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston's catalog is loaded with unforgettable classics - all of which have consistently managed to remain relevant and popular despite the changing trends in music.

In a career spanning nearly 3 decades, the late legend produced some of the most iconic tracks in popular music history, ranging from her Pop/Soul-infused 1985 self-titled debut to her transition onto a more RnB/Hip-Hop influenced sound with 'My Love Is Your Love' in 1998.

Although it was quite a nerve-wrecking task, we have attempted to put together 10 of the absolute best tracks out of the dozens of sublime melodies, from the icon's often-worshiped catalog.

Some of these have been picked due to the overall output - including the musical and lyrical content, while others were picked simply for the un-ignorable showcase of her vocal prowess and emotional rendering.

Here are the Top Ten songs by Whitney Houston

10) I Love The Lord
Featured on her best-selling gospel soundtrack for The Preacher's Wife, 'I Love The Lord' is perhaps Whitney's most passionate performance in the studio. A classic gospel hymn, directed under the heavy production of Mervyn Warren, the track's sublime merging of Houston's monumental vocal talent with the 35-piece-strong Georgia Mass Choir, serves as a spine-tingling experience. The track's conclusion with a violin-solo, gives you enough time to contemplate over the greatness of the song and the message it leaves you with.

9) Run To You
Her delivery here has that trademark 'punch' in her voice that was natural to her artistry . No other contemporary vocalist can sing the word 'Run' in the chorus, the way Whitney did with that classic operatic throw in her voice. The track, along with , 'I Have Nothing' was nominated at the 1994 Academy Awards in the 'Best Original Song' category. 

8) After We Make Love
Although this wasn't released as a single. 'After We Make Love' is one of the best cuts from Houston's third studio album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight." It is romantic, sensual, passionate and beautifully expresses the sense of fulfillment after a period of longing.

7) Didn't We Almost Have It All
Houston's 5th consecutive #1, and the second single from her sophomore album in 1987. Producer Michael Masser apparently pushed Whitney to the very edges of her talent, as can be heard towards the roof-tearing climax of this torch-ballad of a lost love.

6) You're Still My Man
There's an innocent youthful charm about the way Houston sings the first two verses of this Masser production, but then she unleashes the roaring gospel chops towards the bridge which leave your jaw dropped to the floor. The versatility on Whitney's voice on this track, especially considering this was merely her second studio album, is astonishing.

5) I Look To You
Released as the first single from Whitney's last studio project, this R. Kelly written uplifting track brings hope in the face of adversity. In a passionate performance, Houston sings about holding on to her faith and counting on God, as she finds herself with no other place to go. The track commences with a sense of melancholy and darkness, but ends with light and optimism. It is smooth and buttery and so is her voice

4) Saving All My Love For You
Whitney's first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts as featured on her debut album. The unconventional pop classic speaks of Houston's affection and unrequited love with a married man. Back in the 80's - the subject of infidelity caused controversy after which Whitney was mostly seen performing it only on late night talks shows. She later confessed about going through a similar situation herself. "I was going through a terrible love affair. He was married, and that will never work out for anybody. Never, no way."

3) Greatest Love Of All
Without question, one of the most iconic records of the past 25 years. Whitney's astounding rendition of this inspirational ballad is the definitive saga of loving and respecting yourself above everything else. What more can be said about this iconic recording than the fact, that this was Houston's personal favorite out of her own catalog?

2) Exhale
Whitney's last #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts - this is another one of her classics which talks about holding on through life's troubles. But more than the lyrical content, the song is gets its magic through the layered composition by Babyface and Houston's mature, soulful and poignant, yet assuring vocal delivery. 
Honorable mention:

1) I Will Always Love You
It isn't just popular choice that makes this David Foster produced, Grammy winning song her signature classic - but also the sheer unprecedented prowess in her vocal delivery that establishes it as her best studio record, in more ways than one. This song serves as a great reminder of what makes Whitney's voice stand tall amidst a group of aspiring imitators who take on her songs. From the tender, whispered, heart-rendering a Capella in the beginning to the slow ascend in her pitch from the first verse to the second one - building towards the iconic climax and that earth-shattering note, Houston's showcase of her impeccable belting abilities on this song is one of the most iconic moments in popular music history. No matter who wrote or sang this song first, when Whitney touched it, it turned to gold. 

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