Vic Mensa wants to play Prince in a biopic. Calls him "the real King of Pop"

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Vic Mensa is so certain that he should be the one to play Prince in a possible future biopic, it almost seems as if he's already started prepping for it in private.

The Ghanaian rapper sat down for an interview with Montreality, and dished on a number of subjects close to his heart - none, as it seems, was as close as a possible Prince biopic in the future, though.

"I think I should play Prince in the biopic," he said. "Prince is one of my biggest idols of all time, and he’s the real King of Pop. Some people will be mad that I said that."

Well, we're hollering, coz we already know, who those 'some people' are and that they may already be coming at him!

Here is how he reasoned his certainty of his involvement in the Purple One's biopic:

"The reason why I’d be able to kill the role as Prince is because I got that mouthpiece.Prince was butter smooth with it and I feel like I could do it."

Watch him speak on the subject below:

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