Watch: Jennifer Hudson stuns in new song - 'Burden Down'

Jennifer Hudson is back with a brand new soaring ballad.

The powerhouse vocalist, who was last heard on a soulful Holiday-collaboration with Pentatonix - has released a music video for her piercing new track, 'Burden Down.'

Hudson was recently in news due to her ongoing bitter separation from estranged fiance, David Otunga - so hearing the gifted vocalist lay her heart down on a sweeping ballad like this, hits home and hits hard. 

These concluding lines towards the end of the track, for instance, sound as if she's telling her story through it:

"When I lay this burden down
Who's gonna take it up for me
When you run me in the ground
That's the day you're gonna see
For all I've done I'm alone
Just for a moment can I not be strong
So how 'bout now oh can I lay
This burden down"

Listen to the astounding new track below:

Chills for days!

The whole song is filled with raw emotions and but the prowess in her voice on the a Capella section towards the end takes the cake.

This is precisely why, J Hud is one of the most underrated voices of this generation.

Hope to hear it get played around in the radio.

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