Woman kills and stuffs new born daughter in washing machine - because she wanted a boy

Representational Image (source: Wikimedia Commons)
A 22 year old woman from Ghaziabad has been accused of killing her newborn daughter - due to her disappointment of not birthing a male-child.

Aarti - who resides in Ghaziabad's Patla town not only suffocated the little one to death, but also stuffed her body inside a washing machine - in an attempt to hide it.

The woman was soon arrested by the police, who did not buy her theory of the newborn's kidnapping, and brought out the truth during their interrogations. Speaking to the media, senior police superintendent Akash Tamar told that Aarti was extremely frustrated and angry at herself for not giving birth to a baby boy - which led her to commit the crime.

"In a fit of rage, Aarti smothered the infant with a pillow on Sunday, after which she stuffed her baby's body in a washing machine," Tomar said

Aarti's in-laws, who were the first ones to come under the police radar after the shocking revelations by the infant's mother, have denied pressuring her for a male-child. An investigation in that regard, is still undergoing. 

The incident is a saddening reminder about how obsessed our society still is with a male-child and how girls are considered 'unwanted' and a burden even today.

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