Watch: Woman performs a pole-dance routine while being 38 weeks pregnant

It isn't that uncommon for most of us to see pregnant women continue with their work even during the weeks closer to their actual day of delivery. Contrary to popular notion, most pregnant women are capable of engaging themselves into normal physical day-to-day activities, unless specifically suggested otherwise by a doctor.

But despite of it all, what a fitness instructor cum dancer from Florida did is certainly not imaginable by most during that time.

Allison Sipes, who resides in Florida, United States - recently uploaded a video of herself performing a physically strenuous pole-dance routine while she was 38 weeks into her pregnancy.

Inspiring other pregnant women with her physically active routine, Sipes has consistently been on-the-go with her dance-teaching sessions and has made a few uploads of a couple of her performances on her Instagram handle.

Although many people do get weary with the thought of a pregnant woman, performing a physically demanding regime of that nature, most commenters seem to applaud Sipes for inspiring other women to stay super-active during their pregnancy.

Sipes is a trained dancer and conducts regular lessons on the same. Despite her pregnancy, she hasn't restrained herself from practicing on the pole or teaching her students.

''I am very fortunate to have been able to continue pole dancing and aerial arts throughout my pregnancy,'' she told The Independent.

Kudos to Sipes for inspiring countless other pregnant women with her zeal and enthusiasm that couldn't be contained by her pregnancy. 

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