Rami Malek’s Recreation of Freddie Mercury’s Live Aid Performance Wickedly ‘Identical’ To The Original

One of the most talked-about music biopics of this season has definitely been the Bryan Singer-directed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, which chronicles the life of ‘Queen’ frontman, Freddie Mercury.

While fans were already impressed with lead actor Rami Malek’s ‘near-perfect’ look and body-language to resemble the late lead vocalist of the iconic British rock band, his movie-version of the singer’s legendary Live-Aid performance is certainly taking the cake.

Vídeo viral compara performance de #RamiMalek e #FreddieMercury; assista no LINK DO PERFIL. #Amazonas1
To perfectly recreate the moment and make it as visually identical to the real thing as he could, Rami says that he had to watch the original live performance on YouTube over 1,500 times – before he was able to nail it to perfection.

Soon after the movie’s release in late October, the scene managed to draw comparisons, as people freaked out at how perfectly and precisely, Malek and the filmmaker, pulled off the performance, without really changing anything.

Watch the two visuals (the original performance and the one from the movie) in comparison, below:

‘Perfect’ should be the word to sum-it up, right?

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