Is there a New Whitney Houston album underway?

Since the untimely passing of Whitney Houston back in 2012, any possibilities of new posthumous projects to be released by the estate were limited to remarstered versions of previously released tracks, live performances or some unreleased material from the vaults - that might not have made the cut before - which is still exciting enough for anyone who fell in love with the sound of those gifted set of pipes.

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The latest speculation in that regard comes after the president of Whitney Houston's estate and her Sister-in-Law, Pat Houston reportedly had a meeting with Sony Legacy to talk about 'a specific' new project and possible deals, as per sources.

Now, could this 'new project' actually be a new album of Whitney-music to be released by her label?

That sounds like quite a possibility since 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Whitney's 1992 released record-breaking movie and soundtrack album, 'The Bodyguard' - plus the speculations regarding an 'anniversary release' of the album have been going around since her 2012 compilation album, which featured a pamphlet announcing a special edition of the iconic soundtrack.

But that's only a speculation and we'll get to know more as an official announcement is made from her estate - which could happen anytime soon. (Fingers crossed for some unreleased music)

What do you think this might entail?

The last Whitney Houston project that hit the shelves was the 2014 released posthumous compilation album featuring some of the most memorable live performances by the legendary Diva. Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances did pretty well for a live album, peaking at #1 on the Billboard RnB charts and selling close to 500,000 copies worldwide till date.

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