Kelly Clarkson to appear as a coach on The Voice Season 14

Shortly after it was announced on Wednesday that RnB star and former American Idol alumni Jennifer Hudson will be appearing as a a coach on the season 13 of The Voice, it was also confirmed later on Thursday that 3-time Grammy award winner Kelly Clarkson will also be joining the show as a coach, for it's 14th season.

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Clarkson will be joining the show for it's fourteenth season, alongside coaches, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton - however the fourth coach of the season has not been announced yet.

Kelly who has worked with the the show previously as a vocal adviser seemed excited to join the show as a coach, as she was quoted in a statement, “I’m so excited to join ‘The Voice’ at NBC. We’ve been going back and forth with them for years on joining their team and the timing hasn’t been right until now. Ever since NBC and I worked together on my Christmas special years ago we have established an amazing relationship and I have always loved coming on to either mentor, or perform on ‘The Voice’ over the years. I can’t wait to turn my chair and see the faces of up and coming artists that I may be able to help get that push and support they’ve been needing to break into this industry. Watch out Shelton… I’m comin’ to win!”

Clarkson herself, is one of the greatest success stories to have come out of talent-hunt shows - as the winner of the very first season of 'American Idol' more than 15 years ago. She was also reportedly in talks to join the show's revival on ABC, but with the confirmation of her joining The Voice, 'American Idol' seems to have lost the bid.

Nevertheless, it would be fun to see Kelly on the coach's seat as she guides and molds upcoming talents.

Will you be Team Kelly, Team Lavine or Team Shelton?

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