Beyonce fans among the "most stupid": as per latest study "findings"

An American Phd student Virgil Griffiths, recently carried out a study where he questioned a group of individuals on their favorite kind of music after conducting a SAT exam to determine their IQ's.

Griffiths, later compared the two results to form a link between the individuals' IQ and their particular taste in music.

It turns on , people who had a likelihood for Justin Timberlake and Jay Z scored poorly in their IQ tests, while rapper Lil' Wayne had the dumbest fans of them all. (We actually got a major chuckle writing this sentence)

Interestingly, fans of Indie-Pop genre were at the top-end of the spectrum as some of the most 'intelligent' - while fans of Beethoven topped the scorecard with an average of 1300/1600. Other supposedly, "intelligent" people from the study included the fans of The Beatles, U2 and Queen.

Beyonce fans were apparently at the lower-end of the grade scale, with a score that tumbled below the 'one-thousand' mark. (Imagine, how the beehive would react to this!)

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Well, let's be real here - this whole "co-relation" between music-preferences and scoring in an IQ test is lame and stupid (Don't be surprised, if you find out Mr Griffiths is a hardcore fan of The Beatles, U2 or Queen). The so-called 'study' sounds more like a 'gimmick' than anything else.

Except, for the Lil' Wayne reference maybe.

No, just joking.

What do you guys think?

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