Watch: Jennifer Lopez rocks the stage with "Jenny From The Block" at Macy's 4th of July special

Jennifer Lopez took everyone back to 2002 - performing her Billboard #3 banger 'Jenny From the Block' from her multi-platinum third studio album, "This Is Me...Then."

The 47 year old singer and actress, participated in Macy's celebration of the 4th of July - and rocked the crowd with her well-choreographed set which began with a smashing performance of the RnB and old-school Hip-Hop smash hit.

The Diva later reemerged on the stage to premiere her new single, 'Ni Tu Ni Yo' from her very first full-length Spanish LP, 'Por Primera Vez.'

Check out her performance below:

Released in September, 2002 - 'Jenny From the Block' came out at a time when Lopez was out with a very public relationship with actor Ben Affleck, who were engaged to be married later that year. 

The track was backed with a controversial video featuring some raunchy scenes between the couple, filmed from a Paparazzi's perspective. The video had such an affect on popular culture, Affleck later credited it for almost "ruining his career."

The couple later parted their ways in 2004.

"Jenny.." is one of Lopez's biggest chart-smashers and a dance anthem that still gets played out by DJ's.

'Por Primera Vez' - her upcoming Spanish album, is stated for a release on the 29th of September.


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